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Today I will do a procedure on my model lydia microblading tools wholesale, the pigment I uses a mix of pigments, passion and artistic in proportion one to one with a drop of yellow correction pigment, when you decide to mix colors make sure you mix them properly there’s a very important thing you have to remember is to hold the needle and the pigment for at least three seconds and let the needle pull the pigment up pigment sits in the tip of the cartridge and we can sort a pigmentation first thing I do is a contrary I have to outline the brows so I don’t lose the shape which was accepted by the client I started the outline from the tail I worked alternately and segment of each skin absorbs pigment differently, and that’s the reason why I want to make sure my pressure is OK I work only with the tip of the needle, my movements are short and constant skin should be stretched properly phi microblading tools.So there is no visible vibration on the surface of the skin and as you can see when I stretch I place my hand on the brow thanks to translucent powder, my drawing doesn’t smudge.So first I outline the bottom then the top part of the brow and when my segment is outlined I wipe it off with wet cotton swab to check if pigment is implanted, and if I’m happy with the achieved density.Line should be sharp but thin and visible only to you, it shouldn’t be too intense, otherwise it will be difficult to blend it together with the pigmented area.Length of the needle I said at 1.7 millimeters, um me myself I don’t like to work with two short meadow, I’m sure some of you will agree that some pigments especially liquid pigment spill on the brow and the word become messy, we want to avoid such situations.In case there is no pigment in the skin, go over it again and increase your pressure, but remember not too much.Segmental work, believe me are not helps to avoid losing a pre drawn shape imagine you outline the brow you wipe it off and there is no outline and you have to draw it again or worse scenario your outline is so intense that it will be visible even when you finish the procedure or when browse here segment ‘ll work can save you in case you go too deep and the line is too dark, you can somehow blend it or you can avoid repeating the same mistake on full brow when counter appears to intense change your pressure, correct your hand position, so it feels stable and make sure you stretch the skin properly. Remember that seeing pigment on the skin doesn’t always mean the pigman is in the skin, don’t be afraid to wipe off the pigmented area, you will have to do it anyway, don’t repeat mistakes commonly made by artists.Very often, the fear of losing the shape makes them keep going without checking if a pig man is in the skin or in general, if the contour looks the way they wish it to look contour on the bottom is not pigmented from the very beginning of the brow since I want to create a soft Bob I live about half a centimeter it and I will shade beginning with one way shading movement on the video, you can see inward movement.I marked top part of the brow with shading motion following the natural hair growth starting from the arch.If you are a beginner, you can outline the top part by simply following the top line of your drawing, or if you’re more advanced, try to scratch it with direction of her the way I do it.Please observe my movement, it starts in the air and it kind of softens a little part of the brow during this step, you cannot rush, try to scratch the same area for at least a few times.Remember about pigment and proper stretch a you should hear a scratching sound during the procedure, a check your work and in case some pigment is missing, go over the same area one more time.Next we have to open the skin before we apply an aesthetic this step should be quite fast so don’t focus and don’t concentrate on filling in the brow focus more on opening the skin.HMM. I apply them in jail and I leave it until I outline the left brow and when the left brow is outline I calm back to the right brow and I wipe off the anaesthetic and I start shading on the tail skin as usual is probably stretched.During implementation, you will notice that I use three types of shading movements, I’m used to using all three but working with one type of movement is absolutely correct, the point is to avoid chaotic work while watching the video try to listen to the sound of the scratch you hear the difference in between pendulum movement and one way movement pendulum movement is longer and this is the first movement, I’m using right now.But remember, this is not a mass you can work with any of the movements. I work from one edge to the other make sure your movement starts right on the contour, this is very important and I know that some artists are afraid of working outside the contour and they start shading next to the line instead of on the line, this can create a wanted gaps and it can change the thickness of the brow.As you can see on the video I check each segment I work with the same speed, my movement is constant and in case something is missing I go back to this place, and I fit in.Yeah.When I’m closer to the yard I started to create a kind of fun movement on the top part I shade following natural hair growth, my movement is diagonal and when I come closer to the middle part I change the direction of my shading my movement is parallel to the bottom part of the brow.HMM.At’s a bulb area remember to work sparsely, um, we want to keep this part of the brow, soft and transparent bottom part of the valve is longer than the top part.For you.It is time for a second pass because of the purposes of this video I finished one row at a time I did not apply anesthetic between layers, but when you work on clients I would highly suggest working alternately do one pass on each brow at a time, thanks to it is easier to control work and density on bold brows when I work alternately I apply an aesthetic between every layer or sometimes every two layers, but remember a that lesson aesthetic is better if clients feels the pain, sometimes the reason is not the poor anesthetic or the clients but your work so in case client complaints, correct your position, check the stretch and correct your movement. With second pass I go over the brow, but I don’t reach the very top part of the brow I Bill saturation in the three-quarters of the brow and I still use the fun movement.Yeah.MHM.Lydia was bleeding more and than normally my clients do so please don’t let bleeding you see, follow you my movement always starts in a year and and in the year as well.After a second pass again, anaesthetic was applied for about a minute.During implementation make sure you observe your work very often the tail becomes problematic area artists have tendency to either leave this area to transparent and unconsciously extend the tail or the complete opposite, they don’t control their pressure and tails after healing and immediately after pigmentation are gray and over pigmented.MHM.Yeah. MHM.Yeah.Woo.At the valve area I have changed the direction of my movement I sit behind the client, and this kind of movement allows me to create fluffy soft top part of the brow.It is time for the last pass or I should say it is time for final touches you have to know that there is no specific number of passes, you need to do the point is to the pigmentation in a controlled manner.All my students and who started their adventure with permanent makeup are obligated to finish get ready online course, it is a course which teaches all of the movements and most importantly it teaches to control the work with my final touches I fill in missing gaps I add pigment in areas I think it should be added, for example if saturation in my opinion needs to be strengthened.Usually to create a effect, um I add pigment in areas like the tail metal part and bottom part of the brow.HMM. HMM.MHM.At the valve area I worked parsley, and I checked this area multiple times to not overdo it.

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